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Veterinarian Approved Pet Insurance
For Puppies/Kittens - Dogs/Cats


Is that an important issue for you? It is a subject that all Pet Owners/Lovers should know...

Because of the medical needs of my own pet - "Oliver Wendell", my Golden Retriever, I have done extensive research in finding the best Pet Health Care available for those who really love their Dogs & Cats.

As a Pet Owner/Lover and as an Insurance Professional, I can provide you with the best choices among the major Pet Health Insurance Companies. It is my pleasure to help you and educate you.

Call me, talk to me... 1-888-516-LIFE(5433). Let's decide on the very best Health Care Plan for your friend...

Oliver Wendell … David Merker

Call for a Free Quote. We represent many of the major Pet Health Insurance Companies … your Insurance Professional, David Merker

1-888-516-5433 or 201-251-2505


Oliver Wendell


“Protect Your Pet, And Yourself”

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