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Medicare Supplements

Well, congratulations you are now 65 years old. Hopefully healthy, happy & wise. It's now the time to apply for a Medicare Supplement to fill in the gaps in the original Medicare plan coverage.

You are covered by Medicare part A and the best time to buy a policy is during one's Medicare Supplement open enrollment. For a period of 6 months from the date you first enroll in Medicare B and have turned 65, or older... you have the right to purchase the Medicare Supplement policy of your choice (plans A to J), without denial by the Insurance Company based on your pre-existing conditions ( One cannot be turned down or charged higher premiums during this period of enrollment). This is known as Open Enrollment Period! Now, that you are enrolled in Part A & Part B, Medicare acknowledges that you are covered for Medicare benefits. The Merker Insurance Group offers to you Medicare Supplements and is happy to sit down with you and discuss this enrollment period. Call 1-888-516-LIFE(5433)

MediCare Supplements are a standarized product defined by the Federal Government and issued by Insurance Companies. All Insurance companies Medigap Policies A to G are defined the same and have the same benefits.

We at the MERKER INSURANCE GROUP offer to you, Medigap policies A to G. The same Benefits: A+ Rated Companies, Personalized Service and the Cost to you will be alot less money. Call & Compare: 1-888-516-LIFE(5433) (TOLL FREE) or 201-251-2505. Remember... IT'S YOUR LIFE... IT'S YOUR DECISION" - David Merker

Medicare 'D'

You're 65 years old! You need to sign up for MediCare 'D', \ Pharmaceuticals - It's that important! It's a must! DON'T BE PENALIZED (one per cent a month) Both by cost\let alone by protection. What does it mean to you... PEACE OF MIND.

Call The Merker Insurance Group, if you need help and coverage call: 888-516-LIFE(5433) - that's your LIFE 888-516- LIFE (5433)

The Merker Insurance Group is here to offer you FREE QUOTATIONS for your Medicare Supplement & your Medicare 'D' Prescription plan.

'Remember, I am here for you... At your home or in my office. I am here for you.' -David Merker