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Life Insurance

An important message on Life Insurance

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Term-Life Insurance

To serve your short term needs is the reason for Term Life Insurance. Term Life can be purchased for periods of: 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years & 30 years (pending your age). Remember that after whatever period of time you select, unless there is a conversion clause, your life insurance policy will expire. So, if you are thirty five years old and you decide to purchase a 30 year term policy, at 65 years old your policy will expire and there will be no benefits coming to you.

However, today there are term life policies that do return your premium payments after the period of time you have chosen ends (example- 15 year, 20 year, & 30 year). The premiums of these policies, that include return of premium, are somewhat higher since the insurance companies tabulate an interest factor to the period of time and premium. Many people believe that purchasing life insurance with this benefit is right for them. They also have the option of still having life insurance protection, if they change their minds by not accepting the return of premium. The life insurance policy benefits would be defined and would be extended throughout their lives without ever having to pay premiums again. THE MERKER INSURANCE GROUP offers to you all of the major term life insurance companies.

Another important message on Life Insurance

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Permanent Life Insurance

PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE: The Life Insurance product designed to last throughout your life, with never having an increase in your premium payments. We offer to you both Whole Life and Universal Life products. We represent many of the major life insurance companies that offer to you life time protection.