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Safety, Security & Growth

An Annuity is nothing more than an Investment Vehicle. Issued by an insurance company. Designed to offer superior cash accumulation and most important, it's tax deferred during the accumulation phase (growth) and an income stream that you cannot out-live during the payout phase to you!

The types of Annuities are Deferred Annuities and Immediate Annuities. Deferred Annuities Accumulate funds on a tax deferred basis for payout at a later date. There are many types of Deferred Annuities: 1. Fixed Annuities 2. Multi Year Guarantee 3.Index Annuities and 4. Variable Annuities. Immediate Annuities pay an income that starts immediately or a specified date up to one year in the future. The types of Deferred Annuities offered by The Merker Insurance Group (Fixed, Multi Year Guarantee & Index Annuities) and Immediate Annuities are extremely safe.

I believe Annuities, play an important part of one's investment portfolio. I encourage you to call and learn more about Annuities and the many Annuity products that are offered to you.

Let's talk about the question - Are Annuities for you?

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